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Blacker Hovse is one of the eight undergraduate houses at Caltech. It is one of the four original South Houses that opened in September 1931, built with donations from Mr. Robert R. Blacker and designed by architect Gordon B. Kaufmann. Members of Blacker Hovse are known as moles.

For printers, combos, and other useful information, please see the hovse wiki.


A Tour of the Hovse! 23 April 2020

Although Blacker Hovse as an entity is really the moles themselves, the building does tend to reflect a bit about our identity. (That’s what happens when you can paint murals on the walls). So when we found out PFE wouldn’t be happening, I filmed a tour of the hovse to show you all what its […]

A Slightly Farther Taco Run 17 April 2020

If you read Scru’s post about late night meals, you’ll know about our habitual visits to Arturo’s taco truck a few minute’s drive from campus. One day a bunch of us taco regulars got together and decided that we wanted something more for a change. Something beyond what was just around the block. Something authentic. […]

selected hellquotes 17 April 2020

You may have noticed the “Quotes” tab on the Blacker website. On this private page (called “Hellquotes”), moles can post things they hear around the house or elsewhere. Over the years, moles have posted thousands of quotes. Here are nine (names redacted).

Ranking Late Night Meals 17 April 2020

Hi, I’m Sarah C., a current mole. My favorite Blacker “tradition” is our spontaneous trips to get late-night nourishment. Whether it is a short walk to Winchells on Lake at 5am to grab freshly baked doughnuts or driving across Los Angeles to Tommy’s Chili at lightning fast speeds on the day we gain an extra […]

LUGE! 14 April 2020

Back in annals of Blacker history, there’s a short clip of Moles from the past soaring down an empty parking garage, riding the backs of majestic board-shaped wheeled vehicles. More recently (this February), Oliver and I decided we wanted some of the glory of the past for ourselves. After hunting around for a while (Blacker […]