A Slightly Farther Taco Run

If you read Scru’s post about late night meals, you’ll know about our habitual visits to Arturo’s taco truck a few minute’s drive from campus.

One day a bunch of us taco regulars got together and decided that we wanted something more for a change. Something beyond what was just around the block. Something authentic. Something genuine.

So we got two cars and started driving south. We left around midnight, and stopped at a restaurant in San Diego for some food. But that wasn’t what we were after, so after wandering around the city for a bit, we kept going.

At about 8am, we crossed the Mexican border. After getting insurance and visiting a money exchange, we set about navigating the city of Tijuana. Eventually we found a good truck, and we had the most delicious tacos I’ve had in my life, accompanied by silky, rich horchata.

We got back to campus that afternoon exhausted, but satisfied, having spent a weekend night+day well.

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