Back in annals of Blacker history, there’s a short clip of Moles from the past soaring down an empty parking garage, riding the backs of majestic board-shaped wheeled vehicles.

More recently (this February), Oliver and I decided we wanted some of the glory of the past for ourselves. After hunting around for a while (Blacker is full of over-used and under-maintained storage spaces, all of which are teeming with things too valuable to throw away but not valuable enough to organize) we found the old luges.

On top of unearthing the two old luges, we also built two new luges.

After a couple test runs down the courtyard ramp, we took ’em out to ride down the real deal. See the video below, and trust me, when you’re lying on piece of plywood six inches above the concrete it feels a lot faster than it looks in the movies.

2 responses to “LUGE!”

  1. I worked on a Ditch Day stack that either made the street luges that you found (or possibly were their progenitors). Either way it’s incredible that they stuck around so long. The new luges you made look pretty sweet!

  2. Oooo you found those! I personally cut the plywood for a pair of street luges for Ditch Day 2006.

    The Scribal Sacrifice Ditch Day stack was built by George Hagstrom, Mike Villet, Xiao Xu, and me. I don’t think there was any internal Blacker history about street luges before that – I believe we got the idea basically by goofing around and reading stuff on the 2005-era internet.

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