A Tour of the Hovse!

Although Blacker Hovse as an entity is really the moles themselves, the building does tend to reflect a bit about our identity. (That’s what happens when you can paint murals on the walls).

So when we found out PFE wouldn’t be happening, I filmed a tour of the hovse to show you all what its like! This is normally a thing we do in person, and true to that experience, many moles interrupted me, shared their own perspectives, and constantly said “wait did you make sure to film X”?
So the planned 5 minute, 2 person video, turned into a 25 minute, 9 person video instead. Regardless I hope you enjoy it, and see our murals, alleys, moles, and more. I can’t wait to meet you all in the fall when you can see it in person!

2 thoughts on “A Tour of the Hovse!”

  1. Irene, I resided in Blacker in the fall term of 1971, being the only guys (with my roommate) in Heaven. The rest of the alley were women.

    This is obviously different than the current pseudohistory which you describe in the video.

    Hell was almost all sophomores at that time.

    Since I flamed out shortly after the start of second term, I do not know when things changed.

    My favorite thing to do was to nap on the pathetically old couch on the balcony accessed from Heaven.

    Sharon Long, surely a legend, recruited me to caltech. We both went to the same high school in Denver, she being two years ahead of me. She went on to great things both in research and in public service at Stanford. Also, a MacArthur Grant recipient and participant in advising president-elect Obama on science issues.

  2. Rick, that’s really interesting to hear! I’m well aware that many “”confirmed”” stories of Blacker’s history are a bit more dodgy that the storyteller likes to imply, but I honestly had a fair amount of trust that Hell being all frosh was a long standing tradition. We enforce it now during roompicks and reserve the alley for the new frosh who rotate in, but I imagine it began more naturally. Do you remember if Hell was seen as a more or less desirable alley at your time? I have no idea when the tales of heating problems are supposed to have been from.

    It sounds like even if all-frosh Hell is a more recent invention, some other things have stood the test of time. The couches on Heaven Balcony continue to be extremely old and decrepit — I wonder if any of them are the same as when you were there….

    This is all making me very nostalgic for the hovse! Here’s hoping we’ll be back on campus at some point before I graduate…

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