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  • Fourth Annual Blackerathon (2017)

    Fourth Annual Blackerathon (2017)

    Blacker’s fourth annual 24-hour Blackerathon kicked off on January 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM. Here are some of the projects: Tool Room clean-up Cleaning up and re-organizing the hovse’s tool room. (Photos taken by Talia) Alex Reeves, Diandra “Sew all the things!” Learning/using sewing machines to produce a cloak, skirt, and shirt. Carly, Ben, Bethany,…

  • Rotation 2016 Snapshots

    Rotation 2016 Snapshots

    Rotation saw many Shenanigans, such as… Ice Smashing: Interesting Dinner Announcements: Potato Cannon: Project Demos: Extra Cold Dinner Drinks: Demonstrations of Skill: Climbing: Ice Blocking: Liquid Nitrogen: Dinner Defense:

  • The Third Annual Blackerathon

    The Third Annual Blackerathon

    The Third Annual Blackerathon was a great success this year. After dinner the first weekend of second term, the dining hall was invaded by a moley bunch. Teams worked on projects through the night, and here’s what they came up with: House tool checkout system An electronic system consisting of an iPad and scanner for…

  • Bioshock the Interhovse

    Bioshock the Interhovse

    Blacker Hovse little interhovse this year was themed Bioshock. The lounge and dining hall were Bioshock 1 and 2, while the courtyard was the domain of Bioshock Infinite. The dance platforms in the courtyard spread out to encompass the two trees in the courtyard. We had two “rope” bridges as part of it, and a…

  • Space Mining the Big I

    Space Mining the Big I

    Every other year all the houses band together to put on Big Interhouse. Each north house (and Avery) pairs with a south house to make a party in the courtyard of the south house, and all these parties are held simultaneously in one night. This year, Blacker paired with Lloyd to have Space Mining the…

  • Frosh Project

    Frosh Project

    Every year when there’s not a big Interhovse, the frosh get together and build something, with help and advice from the upperclassmen. The idea behind this is so that the frosh can learn how to use power tools and construct things, and also so that they can have fun and bond as a class. Last…

  • How to Build Your Interhovse

    How to Build Your Interhovse

    As you may or may not know, Little Interhouse is an party that each house builds and puts on once a year. Blacker’s Interhovse is always third term, and the hovse gets together to build something we deem awesome every time. This year’s theme was How to Train Your Dragon. We built our dance platform…

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    The two most famous projects that occur each year are Interhovse and Ditch Day, which every house participates in. However, lots of moles also like to also work on smaller-scale projects throughout the year. Here is a (very small) sampling of cool projects that I remember from last year: Hellride This annual tradition, peculiar to…

  • Hot Tub Party!

    Hot Tub Party!

    Every summer we put together our homemade hot tub in the courtyard. We fill it with hot water from as many janitorial sinks as we can reach with available hoses, and voila, instant party. This summer we decided to utilize our gazebo left over from Interhovse. Somehow our hot tub pieces magically fit inside the…