The Third Annual Blackerathon

The Third Annual Blackerathon was a great success this year. After dinner the first weekend of second term, the dining hall was invaded by a moley bunch. Teams worked on projects through the night, and here’s what they came up with:

House tool checkout system
An electronic system consisting of an iPad and scanner for easy checkout of tools from the Toolroom.
Talia, Francesco


Misc. Sewing Projects
Sewing a pillowcase and a skirt in an attempt to see what our sewing machine is capable of.

Giant Origami
Making a large version of an Origami Lion

Corean Crash Course/Minimalist Cooking
What started as a quest to learn Korean in 24 hours, “got distracted by flour” – Connie
“Want to taste this? It’s whole wheat flour without all the stuff that’s in regular flour” – Meiburg
Meiburg, Choward, Becky, Lucille, Brian, Mayra, Mark, Connie

3D Printed Stamps
3D printed stamp designs, starting with a snake for the back of blue books.

Cotton Candy Machine
Made with a total budget of $25, this cotton candy machine is thriftiness and reusability at its yummiest.
Annie, Tyler, David

Hell Lighting
Adding a computer to the Hell Lighting system to enable more complicated patterns, will be mounted in Purgatory; fixing damaged lights
Tom, Diandra

Caltech Scarf
Finished knitting a black and orange scarf with a ironed-on Caltech logo.

“Death Spike”
Adding padding to the Gondor couch to make its “death spike” less deadly.
Hannah, Ben, Allison, Michelle

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