The Frosh Arrive

On Saturday, October 1st, at 5:00 PM, Blacker Hovse welcomed its 26 incoming frosh.


Chris spies the photographer over Kayla and Allison’s bubble headgear.
if we're a cult at least we're a cheesy one
Moles new and old join for and a conga line in the bubble pit.

Upperclassmen put on their Saturday best to make a good impression.

Sean models his bubble hat, as styled by Melissa (feat. cameos from Denko, Zach, Luke, and most of Michelle).

And according to tradition, the frosh gathered to adorn the President with the mud from Baxter pond.

The president, escorted out Blacker gate.
how many moles does it take to screw over a president?
Bethany, Cdot, and Sam lead the way with Talia in tow.


cult cult cult
Ponding is really a hovse effort.
Nikita and Sarah prepare to throw/lower Talia in.

The frosh gave the President a much gentler toss than previous classes. Talia claim’s she’s “glad” she only got lightly tossed and “so happy” she’s not covered entirely in mud, but we suspect she’s just going easy on the new moles and trying not to insult their ponding techniques.

I have no pictures of Nikita wearing a shirt.
Nikita and Jack discuss more efficient ponding methods with veteran Bella.

It looks like she won’t have to pretend for much longer, as the frosh are already pondering how best they could recapture her.

After showering the soap and mud off, the hovse drove to the Original Tommy’s to introduce the frosh to Tommy’s Chili. Then, clean and well-fed on chili, chili fries, chili burgers, and chili-tamale-extra-chili-hold-the-tamales, they headed back to Munth for a cult classic, The Big Lebowski. Love it, hate it, whatever – either way, it really ties the class together.


Ph1a Portal Prank

The frosh class pranked the last physics 1a lecture by opening some portals in the middle of class.

First, a frosh waked in and shot a portal gun to start the prank off.



Once the portals were activated, a series of frosh went in and out the various portals while the “Portal” theme played.


The timing was perfect, and at the end of the prank the class was lectured a bit on some of the physics in the game.

2015 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

This year’s pranking of the Lloyd Christmas tree saw a large present placed below it.

Inside the present on the lower roof was the Lloyd gong.

A fake gong (read: a cardboard circle) was wrapped and placed on the stolen frame in front of the tree.



When Lloyd refused to recover their gong from the roof and begged Blacker to do it for them, the gong was taken down, and instead placed above the Blacker fireplace.


Pranking a Physics Lecture

On the last day of the Ph1a lecture, a group of mole frosh decided to liven the class up with a prank. Having got permission from the Prof to interrupt class, they worked to install a Vanishing Cabinet (from Harry Potter) in the lecture hall.

When the lecture rolled around, there was indeed a Vanishing Cabinet there. But that was merely the beginning…

Near the start of the lecture, a student walked out and proceeded to sit down and take notes.

But then some Death Eaters showed up, escorting the student out.


A little bit later, some more students entered the room, looking for the Death Eaters.



And near the end of lecture, a Hogwarts professor showed up to give the Prof a letter.

It was good fun all around, and definitely livened up the last lecture.

Frosh Project

Every year when there’s not a big Interhovse, the frosh get together and build something, with help and advice from the upperclassmen. The idea behind this is so that the frosh can learn how to use power tools and construct things, and also so that they can have fun and bond as a class.
Last year, the frosh built a palace for His Majesty Dhiraj, the King of the Lounge.
There were a few elements to the Palace – a throne room, an armory and dungeon, a moat, and a maze.


Working on supports for the maze.


The throne room coming together.
Preparing the dungeon.
Putting the final touches on everything before revealing the project to the hovse.
The finished maze.
King Dhiraj on his throne.
The finished dungeon (on the left) and armory (on the right).


One by one everyone in the hovse went to pay the King their respects. He sent his good subjects to the armory and those who displeased him to the dungeon.
The armory had some swords and shields.


The dungeon had a foam-bladed guillotine among other things.


Some got dumped in the dungeon.


Others faced the stocks.
Overall, Frosh Project was quite a success. The frosh had a great time building it and it seemed like everyone else had a great time enjoying it.