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  • Ditch Day 2016

    Ditch Day 2016

    Assorted photos from Ditch Day. From dinner announcements. From dinner announcements. A shark in the courtyard! A senior in the courtyard! Laser maze! Contemplating the laser maze. Attack! Looks like they joined forces? Frosh hard at work. The floor is lava! Code-breaking.

  • Blacker Hovse, 2015-2016

    Blacker Hovse, 2015-2016
  • Associates Tea 2016

    Associates Tea 2016

    Blacker Hovse’s Alumni Event, Associates Tea is a time for great people and great stories. Here’s some pictures from the event.  

  • No Sets or Classes, Only Prefrosh

    No Sets or Classes, Only Prefrosh

    A PFW prank. At night.   At day.   Filed under: Things we didn’t expect from college. Nothing to see here, just giant bust transportation.

  • Dean’s Appreciation Club

    Dean’s Appreciation Club

    At them most recent club fair, the Dean’s Appreciation Club made an appearance. Founded and currently ran by Moles, the club keeps an eye on the Deans in order to appreciate them whenever possible.  

  • How much is the honor code worth?

    How much is the honor code worth?

    Some people left money under the whiteboard with a comment “How much $$$ is the honor code worth?”   There’s some debate, but the honor code is worth somewhere between a pillow and $40. Make of that what you will.

  • The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 3.

    The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 3.
  • Attending a Thesis Defense

    Attending a Thesis Defense

    Lucas, the Blacker RA, was going to give his thesis defense, so the hovse did the obvious thing, and made shirts with his face on them to wear to the defense. By the time Lucas started, Blacker took up the last 3 rows in the lecture hall.   There were also “LucasRA” capes worn.

  • Ph1a Portal Prank

    Ph1a Portal Prank

    The frosh class pranked the last physics 1a lecture by opening some portals in the middle of class. First, a frosh waked in and shot a portal gun to start the prank off. Once the portals were activated, a series of frosh went in and out the various portals while the “Portal” theme played. The…

  • The Third Annual Blackerathon

    The Third Annual Blackerathon

    The Third Annual Blackerathon was a great success this year. After dinner the first weekend of second term, the dining hall was invaded by a moley bunch. Teams worked on projects through the night, and here’s what they came up with: House tool checkout system An electronic system consisting of an iPad and scanner for…