Blacker culture can be fairly nocturnal. When I was a frosh, I was not an exception. After working until around 5am, I decided I was tired and needed a break. Rather than do the sane thing and go to sleep, I went to the lounge. Blacker lounge can be a great social hub, especially at 5am. People have strange conversations, sleep on the couches and beanbags, and almost-concuss each other with sweat balls (irl these are apparently called pool balls). There is also a large whiteboard, which people use to collaborate on sets, record memes, etc. I thought it would be funny if I replaced every alphanumeric character on the whiteboard with an “A”. This was my main inspiration. It took me around 1-2 hours, but I did it. The image below was the final result.

Disclaimer: this blog post is not representative of Blacker culture. Moles do in fact know letters besides “A”.

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