DEAR PREFROSH: In light of the cancellation of PFE…

Dear prefrosh,

In light of the cancellation of PFE (and on-campus 3rd term) due to coronavirus precautions, we want to explore online modes of communicating what makes Caltech the place that it is. Because Tech is a unique experience with a unique culture, not just a prestigious name. Choosing the right college is also about finding the right cultural fit.

Although this blog is neglected sometimes (as you will notice if you scroll back in time) as we are too busy doing things to blog about them, in the coming weeks/months, we will not neglect it. Please read on, ask about what you see to current students, and check back in often!

We are Blacker Hovse, one of the eight undergraduate Houses at Caltech. And we’d like to share our culture with you.

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