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  • Spooling Adventures

    Spooling Adventures

    We acquired a lot of small spools in the courtyard, which led to the creation of large towers of spools in the courtyard. This was the creation of the initial stack of spools:       It didn’t fall! Through the next day, people would knock the stack of spools down and rebuild them. Soon…

  • Space Mining the Big I

    Space Mining the Big I

    Every other year all the houses band together to put on Big Interhouse. Each north house (and Avery) pairs with a south house to make a party in the courtyard of the south house, and all these parties are held simultaneously in one night. This year, Blacker paired with Lloyd to have Space Mining the…

  • Gon(e)do(o)r


    In Blacker’s alley called Tunnel, there’s a room named Gondor. It’s usually a frosh double, and this year lots of puns were made about the name. Recently, a number of frosh decided that Gondor’s door should be gone, so they made it happen.   Gondor, sans door.   After removing it from its hinges, they…

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Oh Christmas Tree

      In December, Blacker Hovse gets a Christmas tree for the lounge. It’s hung upside down and decorated with a wide variety of items (usually found lying around in the lounge). Yes, the ladder is hanging from the tree in this picture. No, Andrew is not hanging from the tree in this picture.   Last…

  • Halloween 2014

    Halloween 2014

    This Halloween, the frosh decided to dress up as the upperclassmen of Blacker. They kept their plans a surprise until dinner, when they all showed up with costumes and name tags. Some stayed in character the entire dinner. After dinner, other people in the hovse dressed up and went to Blacker’s annual Halloween party at…

  • Pranking a Physics Lecture

    Pranking a Physics Lecture

    On the last day of the Ph1a lecture, a group of mole frosh decided to liven the class up with a prank. Having got permission from the Prof to interrupt class, they worked to install a Vanishing Cabinet (from Harry Potter) in the lecture hall. When the lecture rolled around, there was indeed a Vanishing…

  • What you missed at PFW

    What you missed at PFW

    What you missed at PFW was, of course, Blacker Deconstruction. At Deconstruction, all gather in the courtyard, Feast on Liquid Nitrogen ice cream,    And destroy pianos. There are two pianos, one for the Moles, and one for the Prefrosh. Deconstruction is a contest between the two groups to see who can destroy their piano…

  • Frosh Project

    Frosh Project

    Every year when there’s not a big Interhovse, the frosh get together and build something, with help and advice from the upperclassmen. The idea behind this is so that the frosh can learn how to use power tools and construct things, and also so that they can have fun and bond as a class. Last…

  • The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 2.

    The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 2.
  • How to Build Your Interhovse

    How to Build Your Interhovse

    As you may or may not know, Little Interhouse is an party that each house builds and puts on once a year. Blacker’s Interhovse is always third term, and the hovse gets together to build something we deem awesome every time. This year’s theme was How to Train Your Dragon. We built our dance platform…