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The government routinely acts in ways that most people would view as abhorrent if they were undertaken by private individuals. Most people cultivate a blind spot to the violence inherent to the political system, going as far as denying that all laws are ultimately enforced by lethal means. Historically, many people have made moral exceptions for institutions (such as slavery) which retrospectively look obviously unconscionable. Most of the economic arguments in favor of a central coordinator either naively underestimate people's ability to coordinate through voluntary contractual agreements or naively overestimate the government's ability to actually perform the duties they imagine. Too often, economic analysis ignores public choice theory and assumes that government can implement any policy, as if it were itself not the subject to economic and political incentives. An anarcho-capitalistic society based on the private production and enforcement of law would be more ethical and leave people much better off than liberal democratic societies. While there is no *direct* empirical evidence for stability of such a political system (aside from maybe medieval Iceland), there are many compelling arguments that one should strive towards it.

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