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  • 2018 Ph 1A Prank: Infinity War

    On December 5th, 2018, the mole frosh conducted the most ambitious crossover prank in Blacker History.

  • Building a Hat

    Building a Hat

    This year, Blacker pranked the Lloyd tree by adding a hat on top!   Some pictures from the construction of the hat:  

  • 2016 Ph 1A Prank

    On November 30, 2016, Blacker Frosh pulled off a prank during their last Ph1A lecture of the year.  With the theme “Fantastic Beasts”, things got somewhat out of hand when someone left their magical briefcase open, releasing a hoard of friendly creatures on the Ph1A lecture hall.

  • No Sets or Classes, Only Prefrosh

    No Sets or Classes, Only Prefrosh

    A PFW prank. At night.   At day.   Filed under: Things we didn’t expect from college. Nothing to see here, just giant bust transportation.

  • A Lloyd Gong Prank

    A Lloyd Gong Prank

    On a morning in November 2014, the Lloyd Gong was found strung up above the olive walk with an inviting box of tennis balls below it.   Lloyd recovered their gong that evening, but it got a lot of use during the day.  

  • 2015 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

    2015 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

    This year’s pranking of the Lloyd Christmas tree saw a large present placed below it. Inside the present on the lower roof was the Lloyd gong. A fake gong (read: a cardboard circle) was wrapped and placed on the stolen frame in front of the tree.   When Lloyd refused to recover their gong from…

  • 2014 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

      The Lloyd Christmas tree went up as usual, and it got pranked – as usual. The frosh class built a replica of the Lloyd gong, and set up a string of net lights down Millikan. It was rigged such that when the gong was hit, the lights would light up to reflect how hard…

  • Gon(e)do(o)r


    In Blacker’s alley called Tunnel, there’s a room named Gondor. It’s usually a frosh double, and this year lots of puns were made about the name. Recently, a number of frosh decided that Gondor’s door should be gone, so they made it happen.   Gondor, sans door.   After removing it from its hinges, they…

  • Pranking a Physics Lecture

    Pranking a Physics Lecture

    On the last day of the Ph1a lecture, a group of mole frosh decided to liven the class up with a prank. Having got permission from the Prof to interrupt class, they worked to install a Vanishing Cabinet (from Harry Potter) in the lecture hall. When the lecture rolled around, there was indeed a Vanishing…

  • The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 2.

    The travel journal of the Lowenbrau Lion, part 2.