Hello and Welcome…

… to the Utmost Institution of Gracious Living, the Church and Hovse of Blacker! (The two being one and inseparable.) We are one of the eight student residences here at Caltech, located south of the Olive Walk, which makes us a Hovse (very different from those Houses of the blustery north!). You might hear members of Blacker Hovse referred to as Moles.  Some say this is a reference to old-timey Caltech slang, others say it refers to our proclivity for exploring steam tunnels and other nether regions of campus.
In any event, I should probably introduce myself… my name is Marissa! I am the secretary of Blacker Hovse, and I’ll be curating this blog for the summer. It will hopefully serve as a resource for all you inquisitive prefrosh to get to know us a little better. I’ll be posting stories, pictures and videos submitted by members of the Hovse, and making some posts of my own about our summertime goings-on.
Expect exciting things shortly!