Another Courtyard Inventory

3 years after the last inventory; let’s see what’s changed.

1 bored frosh with a laptop
1 bored senior with a camera
1 Blacker House Ct. street sign, hanging from the north gate

8 wooden pallets
n pieces of wood scavenged from other pallets

Bored frosh is not bored enough to count all this.

1 quick release, hanging from a tree
2 ladders
2 wooden spools
3 carts
2 grills
1 ping pong cannon
1 PVC cannon
1 small semi-functional trebuchet, from Ditch Day

The grill actually works (who would’ve guessed?). Ping pong and PVC cannon are to the right.

4 pieces of the hot tub
1 large piece of black plastic (for the hot tub)

Hot tub pieces, and one of the couch swings.

2 couch swings
1 “normal” swing, hanging from the tree
2 hanging rings
1 hammock, currently on the ground
1 bench
1 hose
2 workbenches

1 rolley chair
1 table saw
2 miter saws
2 hand carts

One of the hand carts.

1 drill press
4 large red buckets
3 smallish green buckets
1 orange home depot bucket
1 metallic bucket
2 broken red work lights
2 functioning yellow work lights
1 table

1 thing of vegetable oil
1 roll of paper towels
1 part of a hard drive
2 extension cords
1 giant cardboard tube

You can also see 2 carts, 1 spool, and 1 grill.

2 lofts’ supplies
8 bags of corn starch
1 mysterious hat, which may or may not have been chucked out the library window

2 full bags of soil
2 open bags of soil
2 watering cans
8 plants each in their own bucket
1 partially deconstructed dome-ish thing

Plants! As well as other things. The dome-ish thing is in the corner.

4 bags of sand
2 face masks
1 pair of safety glasses
1 measuring tape
1 roll of duct tape
1 tennis ball (2 when this list started, but one was relocated to the library)

4 pieces of scrap wood
1 empty flower pot
6 filled flower pots
1 shovel
1 broom
1 bizarre piston thing

A really large paperweight.

2 strands of rope
1 pot on a stick
3 bikes
2 long boards
1 air compressor
1 planter with plants that occasionally disappear

This used to be filled with plants, then one day, was randomly and completely empty. Housing didn’t even know why.


That’s all that I came across, but by the time you’re reading this, there’s probably another set of things in the courtyard. And so it goes…


We even cleaned it recently and everything.

A Courtyard Inventory

Blacker Courtyard has a habitual tendency to accumulate bizarre things. From half-finished weekend projects to Interhovse and Ditch Day remnants to the spoils of dumpster diving adventures, there are always interesting gadgets to play with.

From my vantage point on our swingy couch, here are a few of the interesting things I can see lying around…

* a stolen street sign nailed to a tree

* a slightly charred 55 gallon oil drum

* a table saw

* a drill press

* a large tank of LN2

* a large wooden spool, for spool-walking purposes

* a gazebo, complete with benches and creeping grapevines

* pieces of our dismantled 1976 Ford Cobra II Mustang (fondly nicknamed “Old Kentucky Shark”)

* a meat smoker

* an old tire filled with mysterious liquid labeled “Do Not Touch”

* several bags of sand

* a recently repaired ice machine

* 6 feet of coiled copper tubing

* tupperware labeled “Not For Food”

* a pressurized water cannon

* a blast shield

* a motorcycle donated by a creepy alum (that we lost the key to and some frosh
subsequently hotwired)

* an arc welder

* a copy of the “Principles of Modern Chemistry” textbook that is partially sawed
in half

* two milk jugs of hydrochloric acid

… yeah, I don’t know either. But life around here is certainly interesting.