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  • A Backcountry Adventure

    Lots of Moles enjoy doing outdoorsy things — we have a yearly Hovse camping trip in the desert, a yearly ski trip in the Sierra Nevadas, and plenty of outings that people organize throughout the year. Caltech is in a great place if you like this sort of thing — Pasadena is nestled right against […]

  • A Courtyard Inventory

    Blacker Courtyard has a habitual tendency to accumulate bizarre things. From half-finished weekend projects to Interhovse and Ditch Day remnants to the spoils of dumpster diving adventures, there are always interesting gadgets to play with. From my vantage point on our swingy couch, here are a few of the interesting things I can see lying […]

  • An Overture to Summertime

    So far the living has been pretty easy around here since term ended. If you stroll around the Hovse, you might find Moles making liquid nitrogen Dippin’ Dots in the courtyard, watching movies in the Library, having inexplicably odd conversations in the Lounge or experimenting in alley kitchens. You may very likely get sucked into […]

  • Hello and Welcome…

    … to the Utmost Institution of Gracious Living, the Church and Hovse of Blacker! (The two being one and inseparable.) We are one of the eight student residences here at Caltech, located south of the Olive Walk, which makes us a Hovse (very different from those Houses of the blustery north!). You might hear members […]