Ph1a Portal Prank

The frosh class pranked the last physics 1a lecture by opening some portals in the middle of class.

First, a frosh waked in and shot a portal gun to start the prank off.



Once the portals were activated, a series of frosh went in and out the various portals while the “Portal” theme played.


The timing was perfect, and at the end of the prank the class was lectured a bit on some of the physics in the game.

The Third Annual Blackerathon

The Third Annual Blackerathon was a great success this year. After dinner the first weekend of second term, the dining hall was invaded by a moley bunch. Teams worked on projects through the night, and here’s what they came up with:

House tool checkout system
An electronic system consisting of an iPad and scanner for easy checkout of tools from the Toolroom.
Talia, Francesco


Misc. Sewing Projects
Sewing a pillowcase and a skirt in an attempt to see what our sewing machine is capable of.

Giant Origami
Making a large version of an Origami Lion

Corean Crash Course/Minimalist Cooking
What started as a quest to learn Korean in 24 hours, “got distracted by flour” – Connie
“Want to taste this? It’s whole wheat flour without all the stuff that’s in regular flour” – Meiburg
Meiburg, Choward, Becky, Lucille, Brian, Mayra, Mark, Connie

3D Printed Stamps
3D printed stamp designs, starting with a snake for the back of blue books.

Cotton Candy Machine
Made with a total budget of $25, this cotton candy machine is thriftiness and reusability at its yummiest.
Annie, Tyler, David

Hell Lighting
Adding a computer to the Hell Lighting system to enable more complicated patterns, will be mounted in Purgatory; fixing damaged lights
Tom, Diandra

Caltech Scarf
Finished knitting a black and orange scarf with a ironed-on Caltech logo.

“Death Spike”
Adding padding to the Gondor couch to make its “death spike” less deadly.
Hannah, Ben, Allison, Michelle

Rules Dinner

Rules dinner – the dinner where we explain the dinner rules to the frosh by breaking them all.


No sitting down to dinner before the curtains open.


No headgear. Or selfies.


No impersonating the president.

I’m not going to spoil all the rules (that’s for you to figure out for yourself), but I hope that this displays that Blacker dinner is serious business.