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  • Secret Santa 2019

    Secret Santa 2019

    At our annual gift exchange, one lucky mole got this poster from their Secret Santa! To the left, we observe Santa’s reaction. Blacker’s social team surprises us with a special guest Santa each year. This year, they convinced ElliotRA, our old RA (who thought he had escaped!) to be Santa!

  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Thanksgiving 2019

    Soon after joining a House, the community begins to feel like a second family. And what do families do together? Celebrate Thanksgiving! Because the holiday falls shortly before finals, and the break is very short (only Thursday and Friday), most students decide to stay on campus for Thanksgiving and eat dinner with their Houses. In…

  • Rotation 2019

    Rotation 2019

    Blacker Hovse always has a variety of experiences in store for prefrosh, from extra cold drinks to spooling to promotional material from Blacker Industries. If none of those words made sense to you, fear not! Read on. Then things might make more sense. At least as much sense as they can make to anyone. I…

  • Valentine’s Day 2019

    Valentine’s Day 2019

    This year’s Bitterness Valentine’s Day was marked by chocolate-chip cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries made by the Hemoles for the Femoles, and cards made by the Femoles delivered to all the Hemoles.  

  • 2018 Ph 1A Prank: Infinity War

    On December 5th, 2018, the mole frosh conducted the most ambitious crossover prank in Blacker History.

  • Fourth Annual Blackerathon (2017)

    Fourth Annual Blackerathon (2017)

    Blacker’s fourth annual 24-hour Blackerathon kicked off on January 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM. Here are some of the projects: Tool Room clean-up Cleaning up and re-organizing the hovse’s tool room. (Photos taken by Talia) Alex Reeves, Diandra “Sew all the things!” Learning/using sewing machines to produce a cloak, skirt, and shirt. Carly, Ben, Bethany,…

  • Building a Hat

    Building a Hat

    This year, Blacker pranked the Lloyd tree by adding a hat on top!   Some pictures from the construction of the hat:  

  • Rotation 2016 Snapshots

    Rotation 2016 Snapshots

    Rotation saw many Shenanigans, such as… Ice Smashing: Interesting Dinner Announcements: Potato Cannon: Project Demos: Extra Cold Dinner Drinks: Demonstrations of Skill: Climbing: Ice Blocking: Liquid Nitrogen: Dinner Defense:

  • 2016 Ph 1A Prank

    On November 30, 2016, Blacker Frosh pulled off a prank during their last Ph1A lecture of the year.  With the theme “Fantastic Beasts”, things got somewhat out of hand when someone left their magical briefcase open, releasing a hoard of friendly creatures on the Ph1A lecture hall.

  • The Frosh Arrive

    The Frosh Arrive

    On Saturday, October 1st, at 5:00 PM, Blacker Hovse welcomed its 26 incoming frosh.   Upperclassmen put on their Saturday best to make a good impression. And according to tradition, the frosh gathered to adorn the President with the mud from Baxter pond.   The frosh gave the President a much gentler toss than previous…