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  • Rotation 2015 Shenanigans

    Rotation 2015 Shenanigans

    With rotation comes various Blacker shenanigans. Here’s some snapshots of rotation 2015.

  • A Lloyd Gong Prank

    A Lloyd Gong Prank

    On a morning in November 2014, the Lloyd Gong was found strung up above the olive walk with an inviting box of tennis balls below it.   Lloyd recovered their gong that evening, but it got a lot of use during the day.  

  • Rules Dinner

    Rules Dinner

    Rules dinner – the dinner where we explain the dinner rules to the frosh by breaking them all. No sitting down to dinner before the curtains open. No headgear. Or selfies. No impersonating the president. I’m not going to spoil all the rules (that’s for you to figure out for yourself), but I hope that…

  • 2015 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

    2015 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

    This year’s pranking of the Lloyd Christmas tree saw a large present placed below it. Inside the present on the lower roof was the Lloyd gong. A fake gong (read: a cardboard circle) was wrapped and placed on the stolen frame in front of the tree.   When Lloyd refused to recover their gong from…

  • Power Tool Pumpkin Carving

    Power Tool Pumpkin Carving

      To celebrate Halloween, we always carve pumpkins in the courtyard. Not satisfied with just “normal” pumpkin carving, we also raid the tool room for power tools to simplify (or occasionally, complicate) the pumpkin carving. It’s a nice way to relax before the looming midterms, and pretty fun.  

  • 2014 Lloyd Christmas Tree Prank

      The Lloyd Christmas tree went up as usual, and it got pranked – as usual. The frosh class built a replica of the Lloyd gong, and set up a string of net lights down Millikan. It was rigged such that when the gong was hit, the lights would light up to reflect how hard…

  • Picnic in the Pond

    Picnic in the Pond

    This week Millikan Pond was emptied, so some of the hovse decided to have a picnic in Millikan Pond. It was silly and fun, and we got lots of strange looks from passersby.    

  • Ditch Day

    Ditch Day

    The seniors were right, ditch day was tomorrow! Many shenanigans were had on the best day of the year, and here’s some of the highlights. Hot-wiring a car on the James Bond stack.   Defusing a nuclear bomb on the James Bond stack. Attached to a rope running all around a room, the Doctor Who…

  • Bioshock the Interhovse

    Bioshock the Interhovse

    Blacker Hovse little interhovse this year was themed Bioshock. The lounge and dining hall were Bioshock 1 and 2, while the courtyard was the domain of Bioshock Infinite. The dance platforms in the courtyard spread out to encompass the two trees in the courtyard. We had two “rope” bridges as part of it, and a…

  • Vroom Vroom

    Vroom Vroom

    We found a toy car in a dumpster, brought it back to Blacker, fixed it up, and took it for a ride. To the C-store!   Making race-cars jealous in the courtyard.   Navigating corners in the hovse.