About the Hovse

Blacker shield

Blacker House is one of the eight undergraduate student houses at Caltech. It was one of the original four south houses (or "hovses", as it's inscribed on the building) which opened in September 1931. Blacker Hovse was built with money donated by Mr. Robert Roe Blacker and designed by architect Gordon B. Kaufmann. According to legend, the architect was later institutionalized for clinical insanity.

Members of Blacker Hovse are know as moles, and go by the slogan γδβγ (greek letters for gdbg, or God Damn Blacker Gang).

As of the end of the 2004-2005 school year (at which point the four south hovses closed for renovations), Blacker had room for 69 people in the hovse, about 26 of which are reserved for freshmen.